Match Director:

Andrew Horner: Andy has been shooting and running pistol and 3-Gun Matches for the last 17 years. He has run the VIR Regional IDPA Match in the past, and has served as a Range Officer at many major matches such as Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge and the STI/American Handgunner World Shootoffs.  Andy is a “mostly” retired veterinarian.

Range Master/Sponsors:

Paul LaFond: Paul has been shooting competitively and running matches with Andy since 2000. He has extensive RO experience, and has developed into an expert on running stages efficiently. Paul serves as an assistant Range Master and works all year dealing with BRM3G sponsors in addition to his real job as an engineer.


Range Master/Sponsors:

Bret Parker: Bret has been with the BRM3G since it's inception in 2008, and worked the DPMS Trigun Challenge for years before that. He serves as an assistant Range Master, with Paul on sponsorship, and works in the criminal justice system in Indiana.



Chris Oxley: Chris has also been shooting competitively and running matches with Andy and Paul since 2000. He and his wife Cindy run Flying Brass Photography and have shot hundreds of great pictures over the last several years at the BRM3G. Prior to that they served as range officers at the match.